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Tieco-Unadilla Corporation is located in the small Upstate New York village of Unadilla.   Started in 1890 by Marzy Ward was originally named The Tie Company. The inspiration for the company’s product came to Ward as he watched the nearby railroad workers tie the outgoing mail bundles with twine and cut the twine off the incoming bundles.  Ward was frustrated by the waste and unnecessary time involved in the process.  Ward thought of a way to make the twine reusable and make fastening and unfasten the bundles quick and easy.  More than a century later and Tieco is still providing the same easy to use and environmentally responsible tie-down and bundling solutions to industry and consumers.


Why Knot....When you can holdfast with Tieco Ty-Up ties.

Over the past 116 years, Tieco has supplied industry with Ty-Up ties in lenghts ranging from 18" to 23' to handle everything from bundling garments and drive belts to securing loaded pallets of cartons and barrels. The strong secure hold and easy of use that have made Ty-Up ties so useful to industry are just as applicable around the worksite, in the garage, or at the waterfront.   Ty-Up ties are availble through this website in 5 different hook and cord length combinations and two different colors.  For industrial customers, we encourage you to contact us with your specific needs so that we can custom make a Ty-Up tie to fit your exact specifications.

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