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Have you ever found yourself searching for the right length stretch tie down strap to fit your job? Never again with Tieco Ty-Ups. Ty-Ups lock anywhere along the cord's length so one Ty-Up handles a wide variety of cargo tie down and bundle tie applications. And Ty-Ups fasten and unfasten quickly and hold securely. Just ask our industrial customers who have used Ty-Up pallet strapping to ensure safe loads for over 50 years. If you're looking for an all-purpose tie down strap that is easy to use and holds securely

...Ty-Ups are the Answer


With One Simple Motion
Let Ty-Ups Save you Time and Trouble

Ty-Ups - the amazing
Bundle Tie,
Pallet strapping,
Sleeping bag and camping gear tie,
Tie Down Strap,
Pickup Truck accessory,
Cargo Tie Down,
And much more

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