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How They Work


Beauty in Simplicity. Tieco Ty-Ups are light weight, compact and easy to use. In just seconds, Ty-Ups can quickly handle your cargo tie down jobs without the hassle or extra tools needed with other tie down strap methods. Whether it for pallet strapping or bundle tying
... Ty-Ups are the Answer


  Ty-Up Ties




One Simple Motion


Wrap the Ty-Up cord
around your material and
then between the wide bars
at the "heel"of the hook


Draw the cord to the
desired tension and then
pull cord down into the
"pinch" of hook to
lock into place

What do the terms pallet strapping, tie down strap,
and cargo tie down all have in common?

They are all inadequate words to describe the amazingly
Quick and Easy
Tieco Ty-Ups

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