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Versatile Ty-Ups have 100's of industrial and home uses. Tieco Ty-Up pallet strapping has been used for decades by industry to ensure safe and secure loads without the time and material waste associated with steel and plastic strapping and disposable wraps. Tieco has provided the sewn products industry with time and labor saving bundle Ty-Ups for over 80 years. Now Ty-Ups can provide you with an alternative to the stretch tie down strap and hand-tied rope. Ty-Ups hold securely and are made with high-quality polypropylene braid making them the idea cargo tie down for those weekend trips to the beach or just organizing your garage and camping gear.
Ty-Ups are the Answer.

Pallet Strapping / Load Securing
Pallet strapping for goods in transport or for stabilizing stored loads. Ty-Ups ties allow you to pick from palletized loads with the cutting and waste associated with stretch wraps.

Material Handling / Repetitive Bundling
Ty-Up ties provide a great way to speeding up and simplify repeptitive bundling operations. Tieco has been supplying manufactuering eith time and labor saving solutions for over 80 years

Cargo Tie Down / Equipment Transport
Sturdy Ty-Ups safely secure loads in no time. No need to thread straps through complicated buckles and ratchets with ty-Ups Cargo Tie Downs - Ty-Ups hook and fasten anywhere along the cord's length.

Organization and Storage

Ty-Up ties make it easy to organize and your tools amd equipment.  Securely bundle hoses, cords, conduit, plumbing pipes, lumber, moldings, and much more in seconds.

All-Purpose Tie

Ty-Up ties are the tie-down strap that can handle all sorts of jobs around the house, campsite, lawn & garden, or waterfront or on the road.

Efficient and Versatile,
Ty-Ups have withstood the test of time

Ty-Ups - the quick fastening/unfastening
Camping tie down strap for sleeping bags and gear,
Cargo tie down for canoes, kayaks, and car top carriers,
Pallet strapping for ensuring safe & secure material handling,
All-purpose tie for 100's of jobs

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